Japan Prefectural Emblem Quiz
Play Time Attack and get the first place!

What is the prefectural logo quiz (free online app)?

Prefecture Mark (Emblem/Flag) Matching Quiz is a game-like online 4-choice quiz app that you can start right away for free without registration.

By looking at the shapes of the prefectural marks (which have various names, such as prefectural flags, emblems, and symbols), you can try to guess which prefectures they belong to and their names from four choices.

There are a total of four quiz courses on prefectural marks

This quiz consists of the following four courses.

  1. beginner 10-game course
  2. intermediate 20-game course
  3. advanced 30-game course
  4. Super Difficult 47 Prefectures Course

First, start with the beginner's course (10 questions), which is suitable for small children, and try to answer all the questions correctly.

Then, gradually increase the number of questions, and try to clear the super difficult course where all 47 prefectures are marked.

Time Attack and Ranking with Prefecture Marks!

Each course in the quiz has a time attack function and a ranking function.

The ranking factors include how quickly you clear the course and how many questions you answer correctly.

So try to guess the marks of all the prefectures to become the number one in the country.

It might also be fun to play together with your class or group.

My Page, which can be used for learning history

This quiz App is equipped with a "My Page" function that allows you to view the history of your past quiz attempts.

In the best time history, you can see your best time for each course, how fast and how accurately you cleared the quiz.

In addition, in the challenge history, you can see all the records of the prefectural mark quizzes you have attempted in the past, which can be used as a learning history to see how many prefectures you have memorized.

You can start taking quizzes on prefectural marks right away without registration.

The quiz on prefectural symbols (emblems and flags) does not require registration, so you can start playing immediately, easily, and simply.

Master the 47 prefectures with the look back feature!

This quiz App is equipped with a "look back" function that allows you to look back after clearing each course.

If you are wondering, "Where was this prefectural symbol?

If you have any doubts, you can quickly look back and find out the answer, which will be useful for learning, studying, and improving your knowledge.

Available in kanji, hiragana, katakana, and English characters.

In the Quiz App for guessing prefectural symbols (prefectural emblems and flags), the names of the four prefectures can be displayed in

The hiragana and katakana notations are especially suitable for children and infants, so please make use of them.

In English, the names of prefectures are spelled out in English. Although it does not have such a strong role as an English learning tool, we would be happy if you could use it for early English (alphabet) learning.

Thank you very much for your continued support of "Prefecture Logo Quiz App".

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